This Course Will Change Your Life

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy is designed for you to become your own therapist, coach, teacher and guide. By dedicating time to the practice of Internal Family Systems, you will forever change your life. This program was created to guide you into the practice of self-therapy utilizing the protocols from Internal Family Systems Therapy in a practical, easy to understand way that will have tremendous effects. 


You can not change what you do not understand. This course will help you understand your internal family - the parts of you that make up your system as a whole. By focusing attention on these parts you will learn why you think, act and feel the way you do. Not to dissect and criticize these parts, but to simply understand them in a way you have yet been able to do. 


This course will give you the tools to develop a sense of Self-leadership comprised of strength, confidence, compassion, and positivity. This is the space to make positive change from! 

I Want To Change My Life!

How This Course Works


You have been living from parts, fractured and dysfunctional. It is time to live from your Self, a place of strong, empowered leadership. 

You are comprised of multiple perspectives all with different ideas of how to care for your system. This is why you say, "a part of me wants x but a part of me wants y". You say, think and feel this at simple times like being asked by a friend to go to dinner and you say, think and feel this at complex times like considering changing careers, relationships, or unhealthy habits. In order to create a unified whole, to not have to guess which way to go, what is right and what is not, you must embody a leadership position. Our goal in this course is to do just that. 

This course focuses on IFS Therapy techniques. IFS stands for Internal Family Systems. Internal because this deals with YOU not your external family. Family because IFS uses the same principles family therapists use to help family units function as whole but applies this to the individual system. These varying perspectives we refer to as parts or internal family members. Systems because a fundamental understanding of how IFS works is based on systems therapy which proposes one need not work on every "issue", "trauma" or "part" in order to find healing. Rather, our system is interconnected and like a spider web, if you touch one part of the web, the entire web feels it. Bringing healing to one part of your system will bring healing to the system as whole.

Find Your SELF!

A place of calm, curiosity and compassion exists within. Access and lead from Self.

Heal Stuck Trauma

Parts are holding onto unprocessed trauma, keeping you stuck, chaotic and inflexible.

Become A Leader Today

Your system needs you to step up, to take the reins and lead yourself into health, alignment, balance, and a life of fulfillment. This course is going to help you do just that. Start today!

I'm Ready To Lead!

Healing Trauma and Developing SELF

You have experienced trauma. Trauma is any experience that is overwhelming to our system. Anything from stubbing our toe to the death of a loved one can be a traumatic event. Trauma happens. It is a part of our beautiful lives. Our goal is not to stop traumatic events from existing, our goal is to integrate traumatic events so that we are not impacted negatively.

Past trauma that has not been integrated is stored in your system and needs your help to be released. In order to do this, you must develop a sense of Self. 

Self is a state of mindfulness and presence that is comprised of calm, curiosity and compassion. It is also a place of strength, power, confidence and resilience. 

This course will help you establish a connection with Self, allow you to lead from Self, and allow you to find and integrate stuck trauma.

You Can't Change What You Don't Understand

Give yourself the gift of self understanding. Decide here and now that you are worth it. Dedicate the next 30 days to understanding the most important person in your life - YOU!

Are you ready?

I'm Ready!