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The Self-Led IFS Program
Self-Leadership Coaching Academy

Are You On Your Life Path?

Do you want to do more - be more - but just don't know how?

Are you creative, passionate and dream big but have difficulty executing your goals?

Do you have a lot of ideas that you start but never finish?

I help people get on their life path. In our work together I will teach you how to get clear on your needs and desires, how to design goals you are passionate about, and how to take the simple, sustainable, and impactful action steps needed to accomplish those goals. 

Through this process you will leave with clarity, confidence and an empowered sense of self-leadership, ready and capable to make things happen.


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We will find harmony between rigidity and chaos. Too much of one and you're off your path. Your success requires balance.


Your "house" needs order. Focusing on the details of your everyday life, we will build a solid foundation to set your dreams upon.


We will wake up that Badass living within you. Set on the balanced path, with your basics in tact, it's time to go big.

One on One Coaching with Conor McMillen

I am here for you. With a decade of coaching experience, IFS training, and personal experience healing depression, anxiety, drug abuse, and unhealthy relationships, I've got you covered. Be prepared to step into the next phase of your life as a confident, aligned, and passionate creator, in charge of your reality and able to harness any difficulty as a tool for growth and self-understanding.

Your Whole Life Will be Up-Leveled

What do you need? Where are you stuck? What isn't working? Let's look at the whole picture. From relationships to career, productivity to passion, physical health to spiritual practices, you are complex and every detail of your life deserves conscious attention. To create a complete, competent, ever evolving, constantly expanding, forever opening system, we will develop your self awareness, understanding, and vision. You will release that which is not serving you. You will embrace that which has thus far felt unattainable. 

The Time is Now!

Don't wait. Don't second guess yourself. If you have ever wanted to take your life to the next level, now is the time. 

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